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This is an ADVANCED web-based service which will provide additional values.

  • The permanent account on this server will store your documents (with encrypted text and image content). Easy to navigate front page will organize your documents and provide access.  
  • Beside encrypted text records encrypted images of your documents can be created. Additional tools for adequate image protection will be provided.   ...sample.  
  • Avoid obscurity, prefer transparent security! A real life story: William Talcott, a prominent San Francisco poet (and computer programmer too), had fans all over the world. When he died in June, his daughter couldn't notify most of his contacts because his e-mail account--and the online address book he used--was locked up.
    "He did not keep a hard copy address book. I think everything was online," said Talcott's daughter, Julie. "There were people he knew that I haven't been able to contact. It's been very hard. Yahoo (his e-mail provider) said it wouldn't give out the information due to privacy laws, but my dad is dead so I don't understand that," she said. "  ... more.  
    Although there is no backup password as such, here are some recommendations and provisions to help you manage situations when alternate password recovery is needed. ... more.  
  • You can download the image of your document from any Internet enabled place worldwide. In addition you can store it on a memory stick or CD, in multiple places. 
This service can provide a custom designed form for all your needs for text data or images. 

To subscribe to Advance service and to have your personal web page send me a mesage and your web page will be created with advance encryption tools of your choice on server and client side.

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