Password Management
  • The traditional recommendation is to have your password written on a peace of paper and placed in a sealed envelope. This envelope should be stored in a safe place. An intact seal on the envelope should indicate that confidentiality might not have been breached.   See real life case at .. .
  • You can provide access to your password to others through special key controlled jPocket. In this way selected third parties can unlock your password. It is up to you to decide how many keys are required using any practical number of logical AND/OR functions to allow access in your absence.  
  • The illustration should explain the concept with a simple hypothetical example:
      Ask your spouse to store key A, your child to store key B, and your attorney to store key C.
    In this way, even in your unfortunate absence and in absence of your child or your spouse the password can be recovered with help of your attorney. Neither participant can open it themselves alone. This functionality offers controllable and safe access in your absence. 
  • See functional sample, or create and configure your own tool here

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