Folks, who use this alphabet on a daily basis, for example airline pilots, commit it to memory. The rest of us, who only occasionally need to assure a scratchy telephone donít garble the account number to which we're wiring funds for covert operations or sending commitments encrypted as five-letter-codegroups over the network may benefit by bookmarking this Web phonetic alphabet reference.

(NATO) Phonetic Alphabet
Alpha Kilo Uniform 0   Zero
Bravo Lima Victor 1   Wun
Charlie Mike Whiskey 2   Too
Delta November Xray 3   Tree
Echo Oscar Yankee 4   Fower
Foxtrot Papa Zulu 5   Fife
Golf Quebec   6   Six
Hotel Romeo .   Decimal 7   Seven
India Sierra .   Stop 8   Ait
Juliet Tango   9   Niner

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